Get Started with Apiiro and AWS

Gain complete visibility into your cloud application to effectively prioritize and proactively fix risks. 


How Apiiro secures your AWS application


Apiiro ingests your application code and connects it to your running EKS clusters and AWS API gateways to generate a comprehensive app inventory.


Apiiro integrates across your stack, providing a single pane of glass of risks – from infrastructure as code misconfigurations and open source vulnerabilities to secrets and API weaknesses.


With visibility and context, Apiiro enables you to implement automated guardrails and remediation workflows to proactively fix risk before releasing to the cloud. 

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Find out Apiiro's Cloud Application Security Platform can make your cloud application security more proactive, efficient, and effective. 


Get Apiiro on AWS Marketplace

With Apiiro available on the AWS Marketplace, customers can easily adopt Apiiro’s Cloud Application Security Platform through their AWS Marketplace accounts to enable them to quickly secure everything they develop and deliver to the cloud by proactively fixing risks with actionable context.

“We are excited to hear that Apiiro has been listed in the AWS Marketplace. Having the ability to purchase Apiiro through AWS Marketplace means we can accomplish our strategic goals as an AWS customer and protect our software development lifecycle with Apiiro."

- Henry McNeil, Product Security Engineer at iHerb, an Apiiro customer