XBOM Checklist

Learn the 16 ways eXtended Software Bill of Materials (XBOM) goes beyond SBOM for complete, real-time application attack surface visibility and risk assessment.

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A software bill of materials (SBOM) provides an inventory of third-party components to identify and track what components are in use to make sure components are up to date, get visibility into application risk, and respond to new vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, because most SBOM solutions only include a list of open source packages and dependencies, they provide just a sliver of coverage for today’s complex, interconnected applications. 

That’s where the eXtended bill of materials (XBOM) comes in,
up-leveling SBOM for comprehensive coverage across application and software supply chain components, the connections between them, the risks associated with them, and how they change over time.

Download the XBOM checklist to learn everything you need to know about XBOMs:

  • SBOM vs. XBOM: What's the Difference?
  • XBOM Components
  • XBOM Insights and Metadata
  • XBOM Risk Inventory


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