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With Apiiro, you can now prioritize & remediate critical risks across all SSDLC processes and AppSec tools.

  • Build an application inventory and identify attack surface
  • Remediate risks across all AppSec tools & processes, including SAST and SCA scan results

Get free 14 day access to Apiiro platform and evaluate critical risks in your applications.

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How it works

1. Connect to Git 

Connect Apiiro to your source code and ticketing systems with read only permissions

2. Detect Critical Risks

Apiiro will identify all application components (e.g., APIs, IaC components, security controls, sensitive data) and their attack surface

3. Remediate

Automate risk remediation with a workflow engine that contextually prioritizes for AppSec & shifts left for developers to remediate 


“Where Apiiro comes into the picture is really addressing the fundamental challenge for a lot of large organizations and midsize organizations have to contend with, which is really understanding the change from architectural design perspective.”

“Apiiro platform provides us with full visibility into product data, developers, technologies and risk factors. Now, we’re able to remediate risk at scale by automatically creating workflows for addressing material code changes, even with a small team.”

“Apiiro’s automation workflows help me to do more with my time instead of all the manual processes I used to perform. I use Apiiro’s governance rules to automate our processes with the context we need to make better and smarter decisions.”